I am a mother of 3 children with 2 of them living with Chiari along with myself.

I have 3 wonderful children (well sometimes lol) that I have been honored to be the mother of. My oldest son is named Chase and is 19 and I am so grateful a very healthy young man. My middle child is Makenzie who is 15 and has been suffering with many health issues since she was a baby. Breanna is the baby and is a spoiled 10 year old. She also has suffered with many issues since she was a baby. I also have this horrible birth defect called Arnold Chiari Malformation. I pray for a cure or a fix to this.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

I am exhausted and ready for this year to be over.  I truely hope this year to come will be much better than the current.  Today has been a scary and fun day.  About 2 months ago I woke up to me finding a very small lump in my right breast.  Now I know what you are thinking but I don't play with my breasts.  I can not explain it other than I woke up this way maybe because we had recently talked about the fact that my mother and grandmother had it and I have the gene.  So yes I was a little freaked out when I first found out and still get a little stressed over it.  When I found this very small lump I didn't think any more about it because I couldn't find it the next day.  But then last night I woke up again with my hand in the same spot and the lump was there and much bigger!  So now I am truly freaked out because it is New Years Eve and no one is in the office till Monday!  So I get to go all weekend worrying about this.  It may be nothing but if it is I honestly believe God had something to do with me finding it and I believe it will be caught early through His help. 

Brea has been sick and she was feeling better but still not great!  She still has way to much energy for me tonight and attitude.  I wish I could say her headaches were better but that's not the case at all.  We have had a good day though.  We went to 2 Walmarts and a Publix trying to get fireworks that I would not be afraid to light. lol  After we got home we went outside and some of the neighbors kids joined us and we used most of what we got with all of them.  At midnight I got a kiss from a beautiful 10 year old and she wanted to dance with me.  A great ending to a not so great year.  Hoping this year has better and healthier things to come.....

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